Exhibitions and museums stand as monuments to our collective journey, encapsulating culture, history, and advancement. Brawn Globus proudly takes on the role of a visionary partner in bringing these marvels to life. Our 'Museums and Exhibitions' service is a tribute to the essence of humanity, designed to offer a world-class experience that resonates globally. With an unwavering commitment to superior infrastructure and cutting-edge design, we create spaces that not only represent you as an individual but also us as a species. Every detail, from architectural grandeur to unique creations, is curated to showcase the incredible journey of civilization. Step into a realm where heritage meets innovation with Brawn Globus – where museums and exhibitions become a testament to the spirit of human progress.

Tiago Sousa

Discover the world of exhibition and museum design with Tiago Sousa, a renowned master designer at Brawn Globus. Tiago, an architecture graduate from the prestigious Lisbon School of Architecture, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the specialized realm of exhibition and museum creation.

With a global portfolio that speaks volumes, Tiago has successfully delivered exceptional assignments worldwide. His impressive body of work includes iconic projects such as the Sport Museum in Portugal, the Prime Minister Museum in India, the Angola Pavilion at Expo Dubai, and the India Pavilion at Expo Dubai. Tiago's influence extends to the Portugal Pavilion at Expo Dubai, the Argan Museum in Morocco, the Jewish Museum in Portugal, and the Gremio Soccer Club Museum, among many others.

Experience the fusion of art and architecture, meticulously crafted by Tiago Sousa, and let Brawn Globus transform your exhibition or museum space into a masterpiece of design. Elevate your cultural narrative with Tiago's visionary expertise and global perspective.

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